To be able to use the exchange services offered the motor or component involved will need to be inspected and assessed to ensure it is of the standard required for exchange. One Ten will continue to offer exchange services as long as in our estimation the components and motors exchanged are in a repairable state.  

Cylinder Rebore exchange service

For CT110 Postie bikes – different size rebores available including .25mm over, .5mm over, .75mm over and 1mm over size also can accommodate 140cc piston size. The 140 piston (which is 55mm ) will take a Ct110 out to approx. 117cc. Rebore is done to piston size so piston must accompany barrel for this service.

Performance Camshaft exchange service

There is one type of  performance camshaft available. These work well while in the mid range revs to give a performance boost. We need to have your cam here to be assessed and payment made before your performance cam is sent to you. It can take up to seven working days for the exchange service to be completed. They work exceptionally well and the improvement in performance is quite noticeable. The investment would be $248.00

Seat exchange service no longer available – we now offer a DIY replacement seat cover for $65.00


Motor exchange service

Our reconditioned CT110 motors are all individually priced and graded. All motors are completely dismantled, fully inspected and rebuilt. If One Ten is fitting the motor the charge for fitting is $80.00 and the motor has a warranty (conditions apply). Prices for exchange motors start at approximately $1,200.00 Please note! Stators and carbies are not included in the exchange.

Stator exchange service

Exchange rewound 12 volt stators are $270.00. The gasket needed for both 6 and 12 volt models to complete the replacement of your stator is $18.00. 6 Volt rewound stators are available $186.00.

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