Air pod plus main jet.

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Special Price – the air pod are a red foam type
If you already have a #80 main jet, pods can be bought seperately, just shoot us an email to tell us you do not need the jet.

Please Note carbie will need to be tuned accordingly.

The Jet is the small dot on the right side of the Air Pod in the Photo.

To improve performance further, change the front sprocket to 16 tooth

The Air Pod pictured is not necessarily the product you will receive but will be of equal or greater quality. We have had some calls lately from customers having problems tuning after fitting these parts. Below are some ideas that may help you out.

For those fitting an air pod & main jet in most cases is straight forward with fine tuning possibly needed at the idle mixture screw or check for any air leaks
Check the spacer between the carby & manifold is correctly fitted, it will fit both ways but only one way is the right way. Make sure your manifold/carby o/rings are ok, if they are not they will affect the running of the bike.
Try re positioning the needle in the slide.
If there is still a problem you may need to fit a carbie kit.

PS in general air pod and larger main jet on CT110’s do very little in the way of improvement low down, once up in the revs it is quite noticeable to a standard air cleaner.

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