Performance Pack 2 – Air pod, main jet & sprocket*

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16 Tooth sprocket with main jet # 80 and air pod (red or green) will increase top speed. What you loose in acceleration you gain in top speed.
Please note *** All contractors *** the 16T sprocket is not suitable for delivery work and an exchange sprocket 14T or 15T (standard) can replace the 16T. Please notify us with your order which sprocket size you wish to use.
PS The air pod generally comes in red foam

We have had some calls lately from customers having problems tuning after fitting an air pod & jet. Below are some ideas that may help you out.
For those fitting an air pod & main jet in most cases it is straight forward with fine tuning possibly needed at the idle mixture screw.
Or check for any air leaks
Check the spacer between the carbie & manifold is correctly fitted, it will fit both ways but only one way is the right way.
Try adjusting the needle in the slide.
If there is still a problem you may need to fit a carbie kit